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Thinking about Koine Greek, the New Testament, and related topics

About NT Greek et al.

Who am I?

I am a student of the New Testament and Greek. I am working on a PhD. in New Testament Studies and am writing my dissertation on the usage of the εἰμί + participle (“periphrasis”) construction in the Pseudepigrapha and Apostolic Fathers. Some major research interests are Greek syntax, Greek Information Structure, and Greco-Roman historiography.

Research Interests

Greek syntax, Greek Information Structure, Greco-Roman historiography, L2 learning and teaching (especially focused on Koine Greek)

Why NT Greek et al.?

NT Greek et al. is a place to think about issues pertaining to the reading and interpreting of the New Testament, with a major focus on the Greek of the New Testament and related Koine Greek texts. For more on the why, check out this post. The center of this site is the blog, which I intend to post to at least on a weekly basis.

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