NT Greek et al.

Thinking about Koine Greek, the New Testament, and related topics

NT Greek et al.

Musing on the NT, its Greek, and related topics

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  • Galatians 1.6: an NIV translation surprise
    I was taken aback. After having prepared for teaching through Gal 1.6-10 and working in the Greek, the English translation before my eyes surprised me. It violated all my expectations of how the text could possibly be rendered. The lead […]
  • That or because: syntax of ὅτι, Part 2
    Part 1 set the stage for what I am up to here: discussing ὅτι clauses from a syntactic perspective. Here in Part 2, we will look at some data. ὅτι as argument ὅτι clauses can serve as an argument of […]
  • That or because: Syntax of ὅτι, Part 1
    When learning Greek, at some point you dutifully learn that ὅτι can be translated as “that,” “because” and more rarely, “for.” You also learn that ὅτι can function something like quotation marks in modern punctuation. These are all well and […]

Areas of Interest

NT Greek

Thinking at the intersection of traditional Greek studies, linguistic approaches, and the concerns of teachers and learners of Koine Greek.

Non-Canonical Texts

Considering non-canonical Greek texts as proper subjects for analysis of Koine Greek, as well as documents of importance for understanding the New Testament and the life of the church.


Thinking about how language study interfaces with the message and theology of the New Testament, and the Bible in general.

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