NT Greek et al.

Thinking about Koine Greek, the New Testament, and related topics

NT Greek et al.

Musing on the NT, its Greek, and related topics

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  • Mark 5: The Demoniac, Discipleship, and Verbal Aspect
    One of the questions which learners of Greek inevitably have is “how is learning this helpful?” In one sense, of course, most of what you can see in the Greek you can already see in a good translation (or a […]
  • Periphrasis and word order in Greek, Part IV
    In Part 3 of this series on periphrastic constructions I left off with a brief summary of a model of constituent order for periphrastic constructions. Such a model is necessary to try to make sense of the various constituent orders […]
  • Comments on ἐυαγγέλιον by the Church Fathers: history and theology
    The Greek word εὐαγγέλιον is significant for the NT. This word is usually viewed as a technical term and translated gospel in the NT, though sometimes with the more generic good news/tidings meaning. At some point in the misty ages […]

Areas of Interest

NT Greek

Thinking at the intersection of traditional Greek studies, linguistic approaches, and the concerns of teachers and learners of Koine Greek.

Non-Canonical Texts

Considering non-canonical Greek texts as proper subjects for analysis of Koine Greek, as well as documents of importance for understanding the New Testament and the life of the church.


Thinking about how language study interfaces with the message and theology of the New Testament, and the Bible in general.

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