NT Greek et al.

Thinking about Koine Greek, the New Testament, and related topics

NT Greek et al.

Musing on the NT, its Greek, and related topics

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  • When commentators appeal to “the Greek” in odd ways: prepositions in John 3.5
    Commentaries are often immensely helpful. They are helpful for elucidating the meaning of the text—or, at least laying out possible meanings. They are often helpful at explaining the details of what is found in the original languages, as well. The […]
  • Greek New Testament without punctuation
    For anyone just here for the Greek NT texts without punctuation and not wanting to read anything else, the files are next. Download, unzip, and enjoy. Make sure you know the EULA for the SBLGNT before you do anything with […]
  • Septuagint chapter list
    I’m still waiting for the time and focus needed to finish up the last couple posts on ὅτι clauses. In the meantime, I thought I would share this resource for Septuagint reading I put together: a list of chapters in […]

Areas of Interest

NT Greek

Thinking at the intersection of traditional Greek studies, linguistic approaches, and the concerns of teachers and learners of Koine Greek.

Non-Canonical Texts

Considering non-canonical Greek texts as proper subjects for analysis of Koine Greek, as well as documents of importance for understanding the New Testament and the life of the church.


Thinking about how language study interfaces with the message and theology of the New Testament, and the Bible in general.

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