NT Greek et al.

Thinking about Koine Greek, the New Testament, and related topics

NT Greek et al.

Musing on the NT, its Greek, and related topics

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  • Thecla, Paul, Greek middle voice and “self-baptism”? Part 3
    In Post 1 of this series, I outlined the basic issues of a couple interesting uses of a middle voice form of βαπτίζω, one in Acts of Paul and Thecla and one in the more familiar book Acts. The main […]
  • Thecla, Paul, Greek middle voice and “self-baptism”? Part 2
    In part 1 of this little series on middle voice and βαπτίζω, we laid out the main lines of investigation. Both Thecla and Paul have a time when their baptism is described using the middle voice: Paul recounts it as […]
  • Thecla, Paul, Greek Middle voice and “self-baptism”? Part 1
    Following along with my recent thinking about voice, I want to discuss an interesting passage I noted in the apocryphal Acts of Paul and Thecla. In 34.3, we find the following: καὶ ἔβαλεν ἑαυτὴν λέγουσα Ἐν τῷ ὀνόματι Ἰησοῦ Χριστοῦ […]

Areas of Interest

NT Greek

Thinking at the intersection of traditional Greek studies, linguistic approaches, and the concerns of teachers and learners of Koine Greek.

Non-Canonical Texts

Considering non-canonical Greek texts as proper subjects for analysis of Koine Greek, as well as documents of importance for understanding the New Testament and the life of the church.


Thinking about how language study interfaces with the message and theology of the New Testament, and the Bible in general.

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