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Anki for Greek: Vision and Guidance

This page is the center point for a (slowly) growing suite of resources on using Anki as a tool for learning Greek.

A primer on Anki

Here I have a basic introduction to Anki. Lots can be found online. Anki has two main loyal communities of users: medical students and language learners. A lot of the directions on YouTube, blogs, and various websites is made by medical students for medical students. Once you gather the basics of how Anki works, the online community has tons of useful ideas (as always, pay attention to the program version; the last major update to Anki looks quite different than the older versions and has some significant changes under the hood as well). As boring as it sounds, it really is worth it to spend some time looking at the Anki users manual.

Want to be led through the basics of setting up, planning, and designing how to use Anki? Here is a four part "course" by Al Khan which does a great job with that. 

Spending some time getting familiar both with how Anki works and how skilled users of Anki use it really is worth your time at the beginning. Getting a good system in place at the beginning will save you a lot of grief and wasted study time in the long run.

My Anki resources

As I produce resources directed at guiding learners in using Anki for Greek learning, I will add them here.

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