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Musings on the New Testament, its Greek, and Related Topics

  • Galatians 1.6: an NIV translation surprise
    I was taken aback. After having prepared for teaching through Gal 1.6-10 and working in the Greek, the English translation before my eyes surprised me. It violated all my expectations of how the text could possibly be rendered. The lead up Having achieved a good grasp of Greek, I do most of my NT reading, […]
  • That or because: syntax of ὅτι, Part 2
    Part 1 set the stage for what I am up to here: discussing ὅτι clauses from a syntactic perspective. Here in Part 2, we will look at some data. ὅτι as argument ὅτι clauses can serve as an argument of a verb. When used this way, the ὅτι clause is a substantive (equivalent to a […]

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