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Supporting Resources

List of periphrastic participles in the NT, taken from Robert Green’s dissertation, Understanding eimi Periphrastics in the Greek of the New Testament (2012). Here in full form, here as a summary chart.

NB. no two lists of instances of periphrasis in the NT completely agree. I’m not saying Green is perfectly right, but this is one of the better lists in existence.

Stephen Levinsohn’s Information Structure mark-up of the NT: https://scholars.sil.org/stephen_h_levinsohn/bart

Pay extra attention to the key! A variety of his papers are available for free at this page as well, which are helpful for understanding his work. If you want a better grasp, check out Discourse Features of New Testament Greek. Not an easy read, but an important work in the field.

Handy intro article on Information Structure. Note, most of the information in this article requires paid access, however, the introduction section is a short and good introduction to Information Structure.

International Encyclopedia of Linguistics article on Information Structure. Discusses the main types of sentences and the basic ways they function to develop a discourse.

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