First, on the name. I am aware that et al. means “and the other authors” in the academic papers that I write. However, in common usage, it is synonymous with ‘etc.,’ and thus means “other things/or people.” My site title thus means something like: “NT Greek and other related things that I care about.” I simply like the sound of “NT Greek et al.” better than “NT Greek etc.”

By the “Greek” part I mean to indicate a primary interest in the Greek of the NT, and other Hellenistic and/or Koine Greek texts that are relevant in understanding the Greek in the NT. Texts such as the Septuagint (LXX), the Apostolic Fathers, the Pseudepigrapha, Philo and Josephus, Apocrypha, Apocryphal Gospels, papyri, early church writings, and so on. My aim as a Greek reader is to go further up and further into Greek.

By NT I mean to indicate my primary area of interest and competence, academically speaking (as I am working on a Ph.D. in NT, after all).

Thus, the main vision for this blog is a place to write about issues on my mind and to work out insights I am working on about the NT and especially the language it is written in. These concerns and insights will range from academic-heavy to pastoral, and everywhere in between. I envision making regular comments on Greek texts, noteworthy parallels of language and culture that shed light on interpretation of NT passages, comments on effectively learning Greek, as well as reviews of works that I am interacting with.