For anyone just here for the texts and not wanting to read anything else, here are the texts. Make sure you know the EULA for the SBLGNT before you do anything with the texts.

At various times in working with the Greek text and reading, I have found a want for a digital Greek text without chapter and verse divisions put into it. I have never found one like that in looking around online (though I imagine there is one out there, somewhere). Naturally, one could just read a manuscript, but that is slower and is not the sort of critical text from which most study and teaching gets done.

So, long story short, I decided to make one. Using the freely available SBL Greek NT texts in .txt file format, I wrote a python program that would remove all the chapter and verse information. I also stripped away all of the critical apparatus signs from the SBL text. The result is that each book is one solid mass of Greek text, from beginning to end. Here is what the beginning of First John looks like:

SBL Greek NT 1 John without chapters and verses

In this run, I left all the punctuation in the text, though I will probably do a run in the future to strip all the punctuation out as well, just for kicks. Reading without punctuation is always a good exercise, and it provides a good base for close study of the text.


In short, here is a SBL Greek New Testament without chapters, verses, or any other line divisions in the text. The capital letters in the text are still there, so there is some indication of different units as they are demarcated in the SBL text.

Here are the texts. Each book is here as a separate text file. All you have to do is download the file, unzip it, and voila, you are the proud owner of a verseless sblgnt.

You are free to use the texts for personal and academic purposes in accordance with the EULA under which the SBL Greek NT is made available.